Listen To God

Sometimes things happen in your life and you can’t understand why. Trust God throughout the process and let him guide your path. Casita Adams, M.A., ME.d., Ed.S., LLPC August 5th, 2022


Casita Adams, M.A., ME.d., Ed.S., LLPC August 4th, 2022

Educational Belief

Your learning occurs best when you are actively engaged in a positive, academically challenging environment. We all have value and are able to learn with appropriate support. Learning is maximized through the development of self-worth and pride and achievement. Being self-disciplined allows you to become productive throughout your academic and professional journey. Casita Adams, M.A., […]

Your Mistake Will Not Define Who You Become

Yes, you made those mistakes. Learn from them and move forward into the life GOD wants you to live. Work each day to become a better version of yourself (for you). This is your life, your mistakes, your future. You do not live to prove yourself to others. You live for you and the journey […]

A Kind Word

A kind word can be (heard, seen, taken as) charitable, compassionate, and even considerate. Casita Adams July 15th, 2022


Understand that people enter your life for a season, reason, or simply a lifetime. Don’t force them to stay longer than what God intended. Your force will cause great pushback, which will cause problems, frustrations, pain, and brokenness. Find the lesson


Don’t allow your failures to define who you are in life. Learn from your failures and make adjustments in your life so you can move forward to the successful future you so desire. Casita Adams, MEd., Ed.S., LLPC July 14th, 2022