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Casita Adams

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

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Children & Adult Counseling


To book this service, call me at : +1(313)-719-6034

Children & Adult Counseling


To book this service, call me at : +1(313)-719-6034

DBT Counseling technique


To book this service, call me at : +1(313)-719-6034



To book this service, call me at : +1(313)-719-6034

What we need from you


Be ready to show up and committed to your journey. Being engaged in the process means you are prepared to make that change in your life and invest in YOU, for your specific future.


Be true to who you are because that is the only way we will be able to make progress. Your honesty about your mistakes and your journey will allow you to find those life lessons to adjust for the future you want. Hiding the facts or the critical pieces that can help me help you only holds up our process along your journey. Remember, I am here to help you!


I will check on you. We work together throughout this process so you can have the success you desire. I need you to honest about how I can hold you accountable throughout this process. The goal is to maximize the time we spend working on your goals to get the best results for you.

Growth Mindset

I need you to be open and willing to learn new things that can enhance your life and your learning process. I believe you can change things in your life to make them better. You have to put the work, effort, and time in. If you stay on your path then the solutions you have in place will move your forward. One day at a time!


This is so important for you to understand now. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes. Throughout our time together we will discuss more this forgiveness and the important role it plays in our lives.

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She recently became a published author of, “The Making of an Elite Woman Anthology Volume 1.” She is also a tennis player, volleyball player, Sunday school teacher, Parise dancer, a singer, a personal trainer, and a business owner. She is also a teacher mentor as well.

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